PRISM Membrane Dryers

Air Products PRISM Membrane Dryers are compact and efficient. These robust dryers remove water vapor from compressed gas and air streams by selectively permeating the water molecules through a membrane. They are "molecular filters" in which water water molecules permeate more quickly than other gas molecules. PRISM membrane dryers are superior in remote operations or point-of-use applications.


PRISM PC Dryers are the original dehydration separator manufactured by Air products. these rugged dryers feature an internal purge that automatically sweeps the permeated moisture from the the hollow fibers. Only an incoming compressed air source is required to operate these dryers.


 PRISM PC Dryers are available in sizes from the tiny PC1010 (1-inch diameter x 1-foot length) to the PC4030 (4-inch diameter x 3-foot length) with a choice of connection threads



PRISM  PE Dryers allow the user to dial in the dew point depression needed for each system. By using a locally available flow orifice, the amount of sweep air flow is controlled to optimize the final dew point. This makes the PE Dryers line one of the most efficient methods for drying shop air or instrument air.


Also available is the PE6040 which is our largest PE Dryer available. This unit was designed for use in rugged environments, like oilfields, where temperatures can get very hot. The aluminum-shelled PE6040 uses the same variable sweep configuration to fine-tune the dew point depression. These dyers are capable of processing up to 175 liters of air per second (196 scfm) at up to 200 psi.  Configure multiple units in parallel and your system now rivals large desiccant dryers but requires no power or control equipment. And, these units can be skid mounted, truck mounted, or mounted on the compressors to create a totally portable package.


PRISM PE Dryers are available in sizes from the tiny PE1015 (1-inch diameter x 1.5-foot length) to the PE6040 (6-inch diameter x 4-foot length) with a choice of connection threads



PRISM HD Dryers are designed to be used in critical applications where clean-dry-air is essential for continuous operations.


The PRISM HD Dryers are encased in a 316L stainless steel shell with 1-inch JIC flare fittings to connect into your system. The PRISM HD Dryers are routinely used between stages of multi-stage compressors to remove moisture before the final compression step. They are capable of handling very high pressures. - up to 1200 psi (82 BARG) to address some of the most demanding air supply requirements.


The HD Dryers are available in three sizes with flows as high as 280 scfm.